Dil Raju Revenge on Rangasthalam with Fake Collections?

Dil Raju Taking Revenge on Rangasthalam?

Once upon a time, Dil Raju was lauded for his judgement on films prior to their releases. Particularly, as a distributor he had great track record before. However, of late, Dil Raju failed with his judgement skills. 

Most of recent films, distributed by Dil Raju in Nizam area, failed miserably.On the other hand, Dil Raju hadn't acquired the rights of some blockbuster films predicting their failures. Rangasthalam is one such movie Dil Raju couldn't sense its mega success. With their fortune, UV Creations acquired the film's Nizam rights. Eventually, Rangasthalam collected Rs.29 crores share in Nizam leaving a deep shocker to Dil Raju. 

According to some movie observers, Dil Raju felt jealous of Rangasthalam's industry hit success. In the meanwhile, Dil Raju's production venture Maharshi hit the screens recently. Comparatively, the film is doing better performance in Nizam than other areas. 

"The film has the potentiality of earning Rs.20 crores full run share. However, out of jealousy on Rangasthalam, Dil Raju seems to have been adding hiked collections through his PRO to make it to Rs.30 crores share in full run so that he would get his ego satisfied for beating Rangasthalam on papers. But the reality is known to audience and all heroes' fans," says a trade observer.





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