Numerous Shocks to Ravi Prakash

Ravi Prakash Gets Numerous Shocks

Apparently, former CEO of TV 9 was cursed by his victims as he has merely immersed in deep troubles from all corners. Now that Telangna police have served notices on forgery case, Ravi Prakash has been absconding from the police. 

Right now, no one knows where Ravi Prakash is hiding. In short, he turned out to be an 'Agnyathavasi'. 

In the meanwhile, Ravi Prakash filed a petition at AP high court seeking a quick hearing on his petition. However, the high court has given a huge jolt to him turning down his appeal. As the high court rejected his petition, Cyberabad police have readied to arrest him. 

On the other hand, TDP is not in a position to listen to the plight of Ravi Prakash and to get him bailed out of the hardships. 

Above all, if Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan or YSRCP's chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy comes into power, Ravi Prakash's chapter is expected to be a complete close. 

Perhaps, Ravi Prakash may have just two options left with him. One is to go to jail on forgery case or to leave Telugu state and to start a new business in other state. What is worrying all the way for him is that, even if anybody or any political party wants to support him, his bad reputation's effect befalls upon them. Let's see, if Ravi Prakash is rescued by anyone and will turn tables on again or not.





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