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Disclaimer: This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review and watch movie in theatre and let us know your feedback in comments below.
Swamy Rara Review

Swamy Rara Review

Behind the Movie Swamy Rara: Young and Energetic talents of Nikhil (Happy Days fame) and Swathi (Colors fame) came together for this movie directed by debutant Sudheer Varma. With good promotions and exciting content, let us see how far 'Swamy Rara' succeeded in inviting/pulling audience to theatres?

In the Movie Swamy Rara: Story begins with Jogi Brothers on Supari to kill a businessman. Post the title cards, scene shifts to Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram where one of the antique idols of Lord Ganesha is stolen and transported to Andhra Pradesh. Valuing nearly Rs.10 Crores, the idol starts shifting hands from a small seller to smuggling don (Jeeva). However, through the hands of pickpocketer batch of Surya (Nikhil, Pooja and one more guy). In the process, Surya meets Journalist Swathi (Colors Swathi) around whom the entire sequences of antique exchange goes on. There is also a goon Durga Prasad (Ravi Babu), a Nigerian batch and local teams trying to get hold of the same idol. What happened next is to be seen on the screen. Nara Rohit's voice-over is good.

Values of the Movie Swamy Rara: This film falls into stylishly picturised Crime-Thriller genre with cliche but neat screenplay. As usual, the major problem with this genre is run-time. With nearly 2+ hours of narration, director Sudheer Varma unnecessarily pulled the length of many scenes. When content is so thin and simple, it is screenplay and writing department which have to keep audience on edge of their seats. Such thing rarely happened in 'Swamy Rara.' However, it is the sleek and top notch camera work of Richard Prasad keeps on supplying the oxygen while SR Sekhar's editing should have been sharper to create a strong impact. Music by Sunny was good for a couple of songs but background wise cacophonic. Production values of Chakri Chigurupati are moderate.

On performance front, Nikhil well controled his energies to give an authentic look as pick-pocketer and even looked handosme. Swathi's role is cool while Pooja is red hot with seductive eyes. Of the remaining Ravi Babu, Jeeva and Praveen were normal.

Out of the Movie Swamy Rara: Into the current trend of new directors, shoe-string budgets and tight screenplay is the call. Sudheer Varma has found too many inspirations right from the very opening shot. He copied more than a dozen of already seen Telugu and Hindi films inclusive of 'Gangs of Wasseypur' from Anurag Kashyap till the shot making styles of Chandrasekhar Yeleti and RGV. Well, rehashing the same is not a sin but deliberately making them run on slow motion with louder background is a definite demerit for 'Swamy Rara.'

As a technician, Sudheer Varma's hold on each and every department of film making is pretty much evident because of the quality work presented in a small budget with economical starcast. He kept the enire team on run. But, missed on crispiness and thrills, frills thus diluting overall flavor. A movie which has a hard to see run-time of one and half hour is dragged for 2+ hours. This is the area where patrons feel of losing anxiety. In overall, both first and second halves are equally scoring. Commercially, as the venture is closed in a small budget...there are chances of makers already running into a safe table profit zone. Coming to patronage, public in metros and fewer in B centers might enjoy it one time.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Swamy Rara: Glossy Finishing for Drowsy Content.

                                                                Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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Delete Comment Request 4. Naaku entha nachina positive ga rayabuddi kaadu-SRIVASS
Delete Comment Request 6. 3 Ivvochu
Delete Comment Request 7. Ok decent watchable better than botthu cinemas like busstop 3g loveetc
Delete Comment Request 8. Okka sari Colours swathi kuththani-puththini thanivitheera dhengali ani vmdhi
Delete Comment Request 9. Songs are too good roju fm lo ave popular hope movie is good too aina cj gadu movie entha bagunna bagaledane rastadu except his favourite heros
Delete Comment Request 10. good movie mama
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Delete Comment Request 20. swamy ra ra is a good watchwebsites rate a movie good only when they receive bribe from producersonly greatandhra gives exact review on any film
Delete Comment Request 21. Guys Except Cj All websites gave above 3 rating pls encourage these kind of movies instead of bus stop 3g kind of films
Delete Comment Request 22. 20 even though GA is a cheap site i agree its reviews are perfect unbiased
Delete Comment Request 23. swamy ra ra is excellent film-enjoy wekend with the film
Delete Comment Request 24. swathi ni chusthu o kurradu modda tesi upukunadu theater lo cinema motham
Delete Comment Request 25. 24 madda upukumdhi nene mama-dhani kutha cheeley dhaka dengali ani asha
Delete Comment Request 26. good film
Delete Comment Request 27. just different movie and nice screen play from this movie we expect change in telugu movies from big hero like charan and ntr one imitate his father another imitate his grand pa making all routine filmsfor ex nayak and rachha any story in this films and simply saying mass entertainers
Delete Comment Request 28. i watched it just ok for nice screenplay 3 is high rating 275 i think right
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Delete Comment Request 31. Average picture
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Delete Comment Request 33. Perfect review This is what I exactly felt while watching the movie
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