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Allegations are Politically motivated:Kavitha

Wed 08th Feb 2012 06:15 PM
  Allegations are Politically motivated:Kavitha

Mahabubabad Mla M Kavitha on Wednesday strongly denied the allegations that she was paid Rs 5 lakh by the liquor syndicate.

Talking to reporters at the Congress Legislature Party office, Kavitha said that Nunna Venkata Ramana, who leveled the allegations, had a criminal background and was affiliated with the Telugu Desam Party. Therefore, his statement was politically motivated to defame her and her family, she alleged.

Stating that she was ready for any kind of probe, Kavitha said that the allegations were aimed at distorting her public image. She also said that some vested elements were trying to drag her name in the controversy as she belongs to the Girijan (tribal) community.

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