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Telangana, Seemandhra bandh tomorrow

Thu 11th Aug 2011 07:55 PM
Telangana, Seemandhra bandh tomorrow

Osmania University Students Joint Action Committee on Tuesday stated that they would go ahead with their Telangana Bandh on August 10 despite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh discussing the demand of deleting the controversial Clause 14 F at a meeting of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Political Affairs.

Osmania University Students Joint Action Committee president Pidamarthi Ravi said the JAC would observe Telangana Bandh on August 10 until the President gives her assent to the demand. Mr Ravi told media persons that the JAC would withdraw the Telangana bandh call when the President’s Office makes an official announcement in this regard. He called upon all college students to actively participate in the bandh and make it a grand success. 

Meanwhile the Jai Andhra Agitation Committee convener Sunkara Krishna Murthy condemned reports that the Centre has agreed to the demand of deleting the controversial clause and said it would cause great injustice to Seemandhra people.

Mr Krishna Murthy termed the Centre’s decision as unwarranted and hasty and called for a Seemandhra bandh on Wednesday. He called upon all university students in Seemandhra regions to make bandh a grand success. However, a formal announcement is yet to emerge from the Centre that it has agreed to recommend the deletion of the controversial clause to the President.

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