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Jai Telangana or Quit Telangana: Kavita

Tue 09th Aug 2011 06:26 PM
Jai Telangana or Quit Telangana: Kavita

In a marked departure from the assurances regularly given to people who have originally hailed from Seemandhra region on their safety, Telangana Jagruthi president K Kavitha on Tuesday said that those leaders and employees who do not support the separate statehood demand must leave the region.

Kavitha was speaking to media persons after releasing a poster, ‘Jai Telangana or Quit Telangana,’ at the Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park, where she called on Seemandhra leaders and employees, who are staying in Hyderabad, to raise `Jai Telangana’ slogan in support of statehood demand.

The Telangana Jagruthi chief also stated that Seemandhra leaders and employees, who failed to support the Telangana statehood agitation, should leave and return to their Seemandhra regions. Her words are in stark contrast to the repeated assurances given by almost every pro-Telangana leader worth his salt that even after partition, the Telugu speaking people will live like ‘brothers of a family.’

Pointing out that the Telangana agitation has been organised peacefully ‘so far,’ Kavitha said that ‘Quit Telangana’ decision was taken as many Seemandhra leaders and employees were blocking the formation of the state. The Telangana Jagruthi chief also said that Telangana leaders would stage protests in front of residences of Seemandhra leaders and employees who oppose the formation of Telangana state from August 9 to August 15.

Expressing confidence that the Telangana employees would not bow down to the government’s decision to invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act, Kavitha disclosed that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the Telangana Political Joint action Committee have extended their full support to the employees’ general strike to start from August 17. She also released a poster on Telangana employees’ general strike at the Gun Park and pasted stickers on the buses.


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