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Chiru's son-in-law Sirish gets bail

Tue 02nd Aug 2011 08:10 PM

The Nampally Criminal Court on Tuesday granted conditional bail to Sirish Bharadwaj, the younger son-in-law of actor-turned-politician and Praja Rajyam Party president K Chiranjeevi, who surrendered himself before the court last Wednesday.

The Court, while granting the conditional bail to Sirish Bharadwaj, asked him to depose before the CCS police every Sunday between 9 am to 4 pm.

It also directed him not to go out of city without taking permission from the Court.

Sirish had been underground since the time his anticipatory bail petition had been rejected by the VIII Additional Metropolitan Sessions Court, NampallyCourt on March 24, after his estranged wife Srija had lodged a complaint of dowry harassment against him and his mother.

He had surrendered on July 27.

The co-accused in the case, Sirish’s mother Suryamangala was granted anticipatory bail earlier.

Sirish and his mother Suryamangala, were accused of harassment (Crime Number 82/2011 of CCS Women PS) filed by Mr Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija.

Sirija had alleged that Sirish Bharadwaj and his mother had been exploiting and ill-treating her for some time. She also claimed in her complaint that her in-laws had demanded Rs 50 lakh as dowry from her.

Earlier, the two had eloped and married in October 2007. Mr Chiranjeevi was against the match as he belongs to the Kapu caste while Bharadwaj is a Brahmin.

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