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Azad's comments on T reek: TDP

Tue 07th Jun 2011 06:19 PM

 Demanding an explanation from the Congress High Command on the Union Health Minister and Congress In-Charge of AP Affairs statement that the contentious separate Telangana issue is complex and a solution would take more time, Telugu Desam Party general secretary P Chandrasekhar on Tuesday stated the comments reeked of foul play and were an attempt to cheat the region’s people.

Mr Chandrasekhar alleged before media persons at the NTR Trust Bhavan that the statement made on Monday, ‘has once again exposed the Congress’s lack of commitment on separate statehood demand. He added that the ruling party was “cheating the people of the region by dragging the issue further.”

The TDP leader sought an explanation from the Congress High Command over Mr Azad’s comments.

Reminding that Mr Azad had stated that the Congress would give ‘top priority’ to the separate Telangana issue when the ruling party entered into an alliance with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi for the 2004 General Elections, Mr Chandrasekhar wondered why the party was still dragging its feet over the issue. “Why has the Congress still intent on dragging the issue further by stating that it is sensitive and needs more time?” he asked.

The TDP leader further questioned the curious silence maintained by Telangana Political Joint Action Committee convenor Kodandaram. “Why is no response coming forth from the TPJAC chief over Mr Azad’s comments?” he asked.  

“Instead of minding his own business when the TDP organizes conferences or meetings for Telangana, he raises objections. Now when the time for him to speak has come, he is silent,” Mr Chandrasekhar pointed out.

He advised Prop Kodandaram to make collective and united efforts for achieving Telangana instead of boycotting TDP meetings in the region.

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