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Yahoo Prabhakar dying for beautiful co-actress.

Tue 18th May 2010 05:29 PM
Yahoo Prabhakar dying for beautiful co-actress.

Not just alone the big screen even small screen has its enough share of spice content and gossipmongers are presently eyeing on this angle. Yahoo Prabhakar who rose to fame with E TV’s ‘Yahoo’ game show has later traveled to Local TV to Zee Telugu to Gemini TV.

Presently Prabhakr is working on various projects like ‘Yaahoo’ in Gemini and ‘Muddu Bidda’ in Zee Telugu. Ever since the days of the ETV serials to till date Zee Telugu, Prabhakar never missed Asmita besides. Presently Prabhakar is known to be planning a reality show and he is dying for Asmita to company him in it.

Those who have seen such liking of Prabhakar towards Asmitha has called it as deep affection but others commented it in some other sense which can be non sense but a special connection between them is of course a most discussed subject in TV circles.

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