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Tamanna in love with Karthi?

Fri 02nd Apr 2010 08:45 AM
Tamanna in love with Karthi?

Milky babe Tamanna is now the uncrowned Numero Uno in Tamil industry and she eyed it big even in Tollywood with her re entry ‘Badrinath.’ As three of her projects in Kollywood are slated for release during this summer at one stretch, this is a blessing in disguise for Tammu.

If this is her Professional career, there is other side and that is Personnel career. After looking the most wonderful and romantic stills of Tamanna with Karthi (‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ hero) for the movie ‘Awara’, Kollywood has well publicized the news about Tamanna in deep love with Karthi. On screen chemistry is a mirror image of how you bonded well with your partner and in that case Tamanna is the best partner to Katrhi, say Tamil babus.

Ask Tamanna and here comes the reply, ‘I can’t help but just laugh. These love rumors are absolutely baseless. There is not even an iota of truth in it. These rumors probably started because we have started another film together and Karthi is still a bachelor. Iam also doing my second film with Dhanush, but since he is married such links are not made.’

Well, this is film industry and anything can be happened overnight. May be Tamanna develops the right bond in future…Click this link to view the pleasant pics of Tamanna and Karthi in ‘Awara.’

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