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Udayabhanu earns more in nights than day.

Thu 31st Dec 2009 01:01 AM
Udayabhanu earns more in nights than day.

Sexy looks but homely appearance, long legs but beautiful face, lean body but mesmerizing voice…that’s enough to describe our TV’s most famous anchor Udayabhanu.

It is amazing news and even known to many that Udayabhanu’s anchoring is just enough to decide the success and TRP ratings of a game show or a live chat show. Gossipmongers in filmnagar are murmuring about the daily revenue of Udayabhanu based on her remuneration for each episode of anchoring. Udayabhanu is gossiped to be normally demanding an amount of Rs.25, 000 to Rs.50, 000 per episode if it is in the morning shift.

If any director willing to spend night with Udayabhanu in directing few more episodes, it would be mandatory to pay Rs.75, 000 to even up to 1 lakh. Overall Udayabhanu revenue comes to nearly 1.5 to 2 Lakhs per day. That is more than an average heroine income in Tollywood.    

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