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Sexy Aunty seduces in swimming pool.

Sun 20th Dec 2009 10:54 AM
Sexy Aunty seduces in swimming pool.

Hot and tempting vamp of South India Sona has escaped her life narrowly. As per the sources, Sona was attending a movie shoot in Chennai where Sona has to wear the bikini and seduce the hero of the film in swimming pool.

No doubt, who misses the opportunity to get seduces by such bold aunty Sona and hero Chaitanya jumped into the pool and Sona entered pool from the other end to seduce him. Sona did not disclose the fact that she did not know swimming. The pool was also pretty deep. So, immediately after she entered it, she began to gasp for air crying for help.

Thankfully, the director of the movie, who realized something was amiss, jumped into the pool immediately to rescue her. It was director Sarana who got the opportunity to save her while hero was waiting for the next shot to get seduced.

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