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More Observers for '1' n 'Yevadu' Collections?

Thu 05th Dec 2013 09:58 PM
More Observers for '1' n 'Yevadu' Collections?

As two gigantic projects of tollywood, Prince Mahesh Babu's '1' and Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'Yevadu' are slated for release for Pongal, 2014, sky high expectations on both the movies have been generated among the fans of both the heroes as well as other movie lovers. It is heard that some of the cine fans are very keen on the collections of both the movies. They are reportedly showing much interest knowing the genuine collections of both the films from trade sources. 

" Fortunately, genuine collections of recent industry hit 'Atharintiki Daredi' have been revealed in different media sources. We hope, the makers of big movies of Pongal season will also reveal the genuine collections of their movies and should keep themselves away from fake publicity," hoped a movie buff.

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Delete Comment Request 1. 1 \'vs\' 1 and yevadu\'vs\'heart comparision........nithin rocks.
Delete Comment Request 2. 1 vs 1 but yevadu ki yevadu cmtion kadu.
Delete Comment Request 3. comment removed
Delete Comment Request 4. Gigantic project ah Yevadu hahaaaa joke bagundi ra jaffa cinejosh ga....Mega hero la ____ naku ra cinejosh ga
Delete Comment Request 5. fake records ki puttinillu may gay family they are creating roomers against other heros
Delete Comment Request 6. already yevadu censor talk flop. prince 1 industry hit confirm
Delete Comment Request 7. @4 to 6: manishulaa mohanbabulaa . chetha vedhavallaraa. YEVADU IS TRUE GIGANTIC PROJECT. 1 will become utterflop of fakesh career. fakesh fans have to fake as done earlier. fakesh gaadi paristiti zooniar gaadi laage tayaaravutundi.
Delete Comment Request 8. 14 reels sold 1 movie rights to eros international for 32 cr , movie budget is 48 cr , mahesh remuneration 2 cr-mahesh manager
Delete Comment Request 10. 6 matter 1 dude.ra yevadu bb.
Delete Comment Request 11. 8 mahesh remurenaration namartha oka mancha magadu.
Delete Comment Request 12. 1
Delete Comment Request 13. Neeku every chepparu AD collections genuine ani.andariki telusu nu vu mega family fan ani
Delete Comment Request 14.
Delete Comment Request 15. h1xvdraw0
Delete Comment Request 16. /0
Delete Comment Request 17. \'))\"(
Delete Comment Request 18. \'\'\'
Delete Comment Request 19. \' aNd 9484=9484 aNd \'\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 20. \' aNd 9484=9485 aNd \'\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 21. %\' aNd 9484=9484 aNd \'%\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 22. %\' aNd 9484=9485 aNd \'%\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 23. \'/**/aNd/**/9484=9484/**/aNd/**/\'\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 24. \'/**/aNd/**/9484=9485/**/aNd/**/\'\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 25. %\'/**/aNd/**/9484=9484/**/aNd/**/\'%\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 26. %\'/**/aNd/**/9484=9485/**/aNd/**/\'%\'=\'
Delete Comment Request 27. Ram charan teja is the culprit of AD piracy along with allu aravind as pawan clearly said some inside sources of his close person done these things now if u mega fans support charan than we are sufferers hence dont support ramcharan and allu arjun and dont watch there movies your loving pawan fan from TFI
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