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Namitha’s prostitution in a Kerala bar.

Sun 08th Nov 2009 11:55 AM
Namitha’s prostitution in a Kerala bar.

Wobbling beauty Namitha can steal the hearts of any kind of human being with her double assets. This beauty is on the off track from some time without a genuine hit to her account. Namitha spoke of even getting out of this exposing and glamour roles and she direly need a performance oriented role to showcase her acting talents. Here comes the right chance for her to turn as a prostitute.

Malayalam film industry is known for most skilled and low budgeted movies with excellent content. Namitha has picked this industry to fulfill her dream. As per the Mallu news, Namitha after completion of “Simha” with Balakrishna will land in Trivandrum to shoot her next Malayalam movie.

The movie is known to be the subject of a bar girl. Namitha will portray this bar girl role in which she even face the situations to run into prostitution for the livelihood. Let us hope that Namitha shine in this hot role and expose her self by fulfilling her internal thirst.

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