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Pawan Keeps Sampat on Toes

Tue 06th Nov 2012 09:12 AM
Pawan Keeps Sampat on Toes

Pawan Kalyan is branded as a Star Hero who never encourages monotony or regular commercial elements to creep into his films. He is always a struggler above success and failure. That is the reason why, his track record will be full of bumpy rides. Apparently, young director Sampat Nandi who had a taste of massive blockbuster with 'Rachcha' is in personal discussions with Pawan Kalyan to get a final storyline cum script approved. 

While there are enough speculations in market on 'OMG: Oh My God' could be the storyline which Pawan has recommended for Sampat, here lies the crux. A simple glance at 'OMG' shows that Lord Krishna played by Akshay Kumar is just above a cameo character which enters into movie during pre-interval episodes. The core emphasis of Hindi version was on Atheist and Idol Worshipping added with contemporary elements. 

These are few areas which will definitely keep Sampat on toes. Any alterations to the main script of 'OMG' might deter the flavor of originality. Then it becomes hard for Sampat to convince the audience theme wise. On the flip side, how far Fans can accept Power Star in a brief role with plenty of substance is also doubtful? So, Sampat has to fight against many odds if the subject they picked is 'OMG.'

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