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Sexy Raasi ready to do for money.

Mon 26th Oct 2009 01:08 PM
Sexy Raasi ready to do for money.

Raasi, the thagda heroine who started her career as a child artiste has grown to a level  of heroine. It’s a common phenomenon that any new actress struggling in Tollywood will pick chances even as character artist and then rise to the level of heroine. In contrast Raasi easily took the offers of heroine but later turned as vamp and an item girl.

A known fact in Tollywood that, Raasi after marriage has tried her luck as Producer with her husband trying the megaphone. She suffered huge losses with that movie. Now, it is gossiped in Tolly town that Raasi with good story and script in her hands is knocking each and every Producers’s door in need of money.

Raasi is also known to have agreed to any conditions of these producers including changing his director husband’s mindset for any modifications in the script. Will anybody help this aunty out?

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