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Maaveeran behind Badrinath postponing in TN

Wed 08th Jun 2011 04:40 PM
Maaveeran behind Badrinath postponing in TN

It took almost two long years to release the Tamil version of ‘Magadheera’ that is ‘Maaveeran’ in Tamil Nadu. Amidst too many doubts hidden behind such improper delay, many said Allu Aravind wanted his son Allu Arjun to be launched with ‘Badrinath’ much earlier to Ramcharan’s ‘Maaveeran.’ Some how calculations have been re-adjusted to let ‘Maaveeran’ go and check its fate before ‘Badrinath.’

Now, here comes other breaking news. Tamil version of ‘Badrinath’ is not going to hit the screens in parallel with Telugu on June 10th. Sources say, competition at Kollywood BO is the reason why ‘Badrinath’ is postponed till July depending upon other Tamil releases. Quite an intelligent guess from a film source is that Allu Aravind was predetermined not to go with Tamil ‘Badrinath’ in this month because he still wants to squeeze more revenues from ‘Maaveeran.’ Release of ‘Badrinath’ at this moment would automatically affect ‘Maaveeran.’ So, this is a better formulated strategy from Allu which is working for now.

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