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Jr. NTR 'Honeymoon' fears!

Mon 16th May 2011 05:57 PM
Jr. NTR 'Honeymoon' fears!


The sweet and memorable event very soon after the marriage for any young couple would be to go on a Honeymoon trip. Although Junior NTR might have seen enough foreign locations during the shoot of his high budget films but his first outing with wife Lakshmi Pranathi will be a special one. Yes, there have been reports that Tarak and Lakshmi were out on a Honeymoon to Mauritius without intimating even to close circles.

Given the following for Nandamuri family in overseas areas, any of the information leakage about Tarak’s honeymoon itinerary in advance would undoubtedly alert his overseas Fans to make special arrangements thus making his personal pleasure trip turn into a professional one. Feared by this overt love from Nandamuri Fans, here goes Tarak on a secret trip with Lakshmi. Well, whatever the reason may be…wish that they will have good time together.

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