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Bikini: 25 Extra - Lip Kiss: 50 Extra!

Thu 05th May 2011 04:18 PM
Bikini: 25 Extra - Lip Kiss: 50 Extra!

Milk beauty Tamanna is making the best use of her popularity in Tollywood. Although none of her movies released after the re-entry yet Tammu’s mania is growing high with each day as producers and directors are getting into her grip very easily. Influencing the top most producers, she wants to shed her girl next door image by opening the flood gates to skin show. Inner sources say that Tamanna is ready to do hot lip lock scenes and wear skimpy costumes but only on the prior condition that everything is charged extra apart from regular remuneration.

Best example as per gossipmongers is that Tamanna’s bikini in Junior NTR’s ‘Oosaravelli’ of Surender Reddy is costing extra Rs.25 Lakhs for producer BVSN Prasad while Kamal Hasan’s producer is given a bumper offer of lip lock for extra Rs.50 Lakhs. Now, one doesn’t know how much Tamanna would charge to perform steamy scenes on bed.

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Delete Comment Request 1. i love you tamannah Bhatia,i am crazy at you
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