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Kajal dropping tears for Prabhas!

Sun 24th Apr 2011 09:28 AM
Kajal dropping tears for Prabhas!

Ever since Prabhas found solace on the shoulders of Kajal Agarwal from shooting time of ‘Darling,’ they both are termed as cute pair of Tollywood on the screen and off the screen. Thanks to long schedules of ‘Mr.Perfect’ which allowed them to get still closer becoming a perfect couple. Intensity of gossips rose to a level where Prabhas and Kajal are finding it difficult to live without each others company. 

What has gone wrong between both is unknown but news about Prabhas finding new love and life interest in a young Engineering girl made inroads into Film Nagar circles. Although there is no reaction from either Prabhas or Kajal on the issue yet Kajal is heard of being not ready to live without Prabhas at any cost. Having known this Engineering girl entering into Prabhas life, gossipmongers say Kajal is continuously dropping her tears recollecting the past memorable moments shared with ‘Darling’ boy. Name their relation with any term like love or friendship of affection as you wish yet they are the best pair of Tollywood in present young batch. Well, let us see when Prabhas will understand Kajal’s inner feelings?

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Delete Comment Request 2. prabas pls marry kajal
Delete Comment Request 3. life is beautiful lets enloy it my friends
Delete Comment Request 4. prabhas
Delete Comment Request 5. Prabhas and kajal ... i love u both u both so much please work out ur problems and be together ,.. we all love u ,,,,plisssss
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