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Brahmi disliked his son without 'Masala'

Sun 12th Dec 2010 01:10 PM
Brahmi disliked his son without 'Masala'

Everybody in Tollywood knows about how Brahmanandam is using all his seniority to offer his son a break and make him stand as a hero. Though ‘Pallakilo Pelli Koothuru’ was a disaster, Gautham has undergone rigorous training to reinvent his career with ‘Vaareva.’ 

With new director, producer and a new banner, Brahmi gave all his support to bring out a good movie for his son. Still there is one point where Brahmi is known to have disliked his son and director and that is regarding their failure in utilization of heroine Sambhavi’s fresh beauties. As ‘Vaareva’ is known to have come out with no skin show and masala stuff of heroine Sambhavi, now Brahmi is gossiped to be getting serious on director for not learning the BO success formula. Brahmi feels that there is no strong market pulling factor in ‘Vaareva’ and rightly Sambhavi could have done the trick if the dose of spice is correctly added.        

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