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Roja secret business with Jagan follower!

Tue 30th Nov 2010 08:32 AM
Roja secret business with Jagan follower!

God knows what is running in YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s mind about floating a new Party. But, the coterie of leaders spinning around his image may not leave him with anything less than the formation of a new Party. Congress sources conclude that chief culprits known for misguiding Jagan in this fight for Self Respect and Morales are roja, Ambati Rambabu and few other political unemployed.

Already the names of roja and Ambati Rambabu are well publicized by Media about holding the key positions like ‘Mahila Wing Chief’ and ‘Chief Architect’ respectively for Jagan’s new Party that is to be formed. In this regard, Congress sources are criticizing that roja and Ambati Rambabu might start doing their secret business of allotting the top positions in Jagan’s new Party using Jagan's image, taking into consideration this young leader’s political immaturity. Let us see, how Jagan will tackle their tricks!

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