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'Orange' insults Mohan Babu

Mon 29th Nov 2010 08:29 AM
'Orange' insults Mohan Babu

Ramcharan’s ‘Orange’ may be called an innovative subject with a fresh feel but there are some (in) direct dialogues which are catching the attention of viewers. The one which is highly discussed by keen movie goers is about the scene where Avasarala Srinivas who played the role of a sincere 12 years lover collecting the dustbin items used and thrown away by Genelia shows his entire collection to Ramcharan and friend Vennela Kishore to show his sincerity in love.

During this context, Vennela Kishore sarcastically calls this dustbin collector Srinivas as ‘Collection King’ who is left only with dustbin items and nothing more. Many were interpreting the scene to ‘Collection King’ title holder Mohan Babu whose rift with Mega Family is known from years. It was a direct shot on Mohan Babu’s title compared with Dustbin even though there was no big necessity to use that kind of comparison!!!

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