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Dil Raju shocks Nag for second time

Mon 15th Nov 2010 06:30 PM
Dil Raju shocks Nag for second time

Long back it was with the debut venture of Naga Chaitanya ‘Josh’ where hero Nagarjuna’s relation with Dil Raju resulted out troublesome. Keeping aside all the sentiments and rumors, Nagarjuna completed the experimental movie ‘Gaganam’ and this is for the second time Nag is feeling embarrassed and shocked with Dil Raju’s intelligent business tricks by continuous release postponement.

Dil Raju who spent more than needful on this project is waiting for the right time to release and unfortunately the rough patch through which Nagarjuna is going presently may not help the Producer to come out safe. So, Dil Raju is on a plan to wait for the result of ‘Ragada’ and then release the ‘Gaganam.’ This might take up ‘Gaganam/Payanam’ distance away either to December last week or January first week.  Good that Dil Raju is still sitting pretty cool while Nagarjuna is reeling in this second shock.

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