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Mega Star laughs loudly at Varma!

Wed 10th Nov 2010 08:32 AM
Mega Star laughs loudly at Varma!

Normally directors like Ramgopal Varma will never have any favorites. Particularly when it comes to Tollywood, for sure never does he admire heroes like Mega Star Chiranjeevi known less for creative thinking, for which Varma is well known for as said by many media members. 

Unlike to his natural sense of humor, Varma is these days continuously targeting Chiranjeevi on Twitter. It is left for viewers to interpret Varma’s words in which ever the way they like but Ramu who made it a habit to grab the headlines by his untimely comments has also received many counters. Yet, he seems unable to change his natural habits.

Off late Ramu’s (satirical) comments on Chiranjeevi and his 150th movie evoked interest in many sections of media. When Mega followers took it to the notice of Chiranjeevi about this Twitter twists, it is heard that Mega Star laughed loudly and paid no interest on Varma. 

Well, does it mean that Chiru already had an idea about the knack of Varma in getting this kind of marketing stunts? Else is that Chiru finds Ramu just a nuisance material unworthy to concentrate? Finally, is Chiranjeevi also behaving like Varma? 

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