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Beautiful heroines continuing school friendship

Sun 18th Jul 2010 03:08 PM
Beautiful heroines continuing school friendship

Film industry is one such place where egos and competitiveness kill the co-ordial relations between any two persons of the same department. When it comes to heroines, there is always a silent and cold war running behind the scenes trying to dominate each other with their roles in respective movies. Luckily here are two friends Kajal Agarwal and Manjari Phadnis still continuing their school friendship despite they being landed into the same glamor field.

Ofcourse Kajal has already reached the top chair of Tollywood with projects besides all top heroes and Manjari Phadnis who is just three movies old is trying to make mark with her beauty. Her recently released ‘Shubha Pradam’ is working as a big boost to her career and if further moves are made properly, Manjari may become a stiff competitor for her childhood schoolmate.

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