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Bollywood hero in GAY tensions.

Mon 03rd May 2010 12:46 AM
Bollywood hero in GAY tensions.

Imran Khan, nephew of Bollywood Numero Uno Aamir Khan is tensed by phone calls from gays. His fiancé Avantika is worried about it. It all happened when Imran Khan’s   shirt less pictures related to a movie shoot were splashed in various newspapers. A source said that production house of this movie (Dharma Productions) is getting weird calls from various people who seem to have been so impressed by this shirt less hero insisting that  he is the next gay icon in India.

As director Karan Johar is out of Mumbai, hero Imran Khan commented ‘but if I can capture the male audience as well as the female audience, it is all the better for me. I have been asked by marketing department of this movie to sign a lot of these posters for distribution in the market. I think they could be for the gay community, but I did not get into the details.’

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