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Sunita Varma, the sex bomb to hit back.

Sat 27th Feb 2010 08:19 PM
Sunita Varma, the sex bomb to hit back.

Sunita Varma, the Telugu girl who tried her luck in Tollywood with movies like Seethayya has left to Kollywood and Malluwood for making a living. After a struggle of nearly 6 years, Sunita Varma’s luck made a U-turn and she became a popular figure in Malayalam industry with her extra oomph in the movie ‘Crazy gopalan’.

This rare beauty with many special features has again planned to make a comeback into Tollywood and has come up with a special photo feature, Filmnagar sources say. Stills of this girl Sunita Varma are sure to make a hulchul as soon as they are going to hit the market. In Kollywood she has done movies like 6.2, Priyadarshini and in Telugu Sunita Varma has done a prominent role in Seethayya of Harikrishna and Eedu Jodu of Sreenath.

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