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'Greekuveerudu' is Superb than 'Baadshah'

Sun 07th Apr 2013 06:14 PM
'Greekuveerudu' is Superb than 'Baadshah'

Generally, artists and technicians do not wish to get restricted in a creative web. While Ss Thaman is considered as one of the busiest music directors today in South Indian film market, he also had a mis-reputation of offering repeated rhythms which distrub soul and test the patience of patrons with same beats and quality-less tunes. Irrespective of any amount of commercial succeSs Thaman is enjoying now, as a Music Composer he could never achieve the peaks of Professional satisfaction.

Thaman too agrees on this. 'For any music director to have a long standing impression, he has to compose evergreen melodious hits which is possible only in the case of romantic films. I am slowly changing my style to suit for romantic and love subjects. Ofcourse, offers are poured on me only from commercial film makers who follow a masala formula but 'Greekuveerudu' is a phase changing project for me like 'Love Failure.' In future also, I prefer to work on similar ventures,' Thaman spoke his mind indirectly accepting that Nagarjuna's new film has more qualitative tunes than super hit recent albums of either 'Naayak' or 'Baadshah.'

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