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'Dekho Dekho...Mumbai Ke Hero'

Mon 25th Mar 2013 04:58 PM
'Dekho Dekho...Mumbai Ke Hero'

Do we need any more evidences on whether Ramcharan can rock Mumbai or not? No, say the Mega Fans. More than the first look posters, its the first teasers of 'Toofan' which are really mindblowing. The depth in voice of Ramcharan while rendering the powerful dialogues shows that he has done the much needed hardwork to shake Mumbai. Along with fights and dances, Cherry seems to be very professional even in participating with senior Priyanka Chopra in intimate scenes. 

Even the first look of 'Maname Mumbai Ke Hero' song may not be an instantly kicking mass number but the dance moves and stylish taking will keep reactions of media and public surely on high. As in the lines of song...

'Dashing Ki Nene Boss Anta' or 

'Pistol Ayi Thole Teesthunta' or 

'Mumbai Moththam Manake Salaam Antundi' or

'Dekho Dekho...Maname Mumbai Ke Hero'...each line should stay in its word and spirit once 'Zanjeer'/ 'Toofan' hits the screens.

Click This Link for 'Mumbai Ke Hero' Song.

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