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Ramcharan to Set a New Trend in Heroism

Sun 24th Mar 2013 10:43 AM
Ramcharan to Set a New Trend in Heroism

Till this day, ramcharan might have stood as a young hero who achieved enormous success at a small age with highest hit average yet there is a necessity for him to become a Trend Setter unlike following a trend set by others. Ofcourse, this will be the formula to gain the top chair and Cherry will be ready to take any kind of risks to attain it. For this, selection of verstaile characters and directors with diverse thinking can be one of the best routes which Mega Power Star is following now.

Reacting on the way 'Yevadu' is shaping up, Charan has thrown a lighter focus on what kind of project this Vamsy Paidipally directorial is going to be. 'Yes, 'Yevadu' will be a path-breaking commercial thriller. This movie will break lot of cliches associated a star film.' With Allu Arjun in a key character, 'Yevadu' can be nothing less than a multi-starrer and we know very well about producer Dil Raju's peculiarity. So, wish that 'Yevadu' ushers in a new trend in star heroism of Tollywood. 

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