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Mahesh's Voice, A Deal with Directors?

Thu 21st Mar 2013 07:28 PM
Mahesh's Voice, A Deal with Directors?

Although many cine goers are of the opinion that Prince Mahesh Babu showed his friendly gesture towards Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Young Tiger Jr.NTR by lending his voice to their movies such as 'Jalsa' and 'Baadshah' respectively, there are some people, who believe that there has been a big financial deal between Mahesh Babu and his directors. 

Mahesh Babu did the movie 'Athadu' in the direction of Trivikram even before lending his voice to Pawan's 'Jalsa'. And he had a commitment with the same director to do the movie 'Khaleja', at the time of giving his voice over to 'Jalsa'. Incidentally, almost the same situation is being repeated with the director Srinu Vaitla as well. The director has given the biggest blockbuster to Mahesh Babu in the form of 'Dookudu'. Now, Mahesh is lending his voice to Srinu Vaitla's movie 'Baadshah'. Soon, Mahesh will act in the direction of Srinu Vaitla for 'Aagadu'. The movie will go to sets soon. "So, more than a friendly gesture, it can be treated as a commercial gesture by Mahesh," says a source.  

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