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Sex Movie Hurting the Brahmins!

Fri 19th Oct 2012 02:25 PM
Sex Movie Hurting the Brahmins!

If you have a controversy on hand, then you are nearly a winner at Box Office. After the big argument on ‘Sorry Teacher’ and its side effects on society here is one more such new flick titled ‘A Woman in Brahmanism.’ The first look stills of this movie out in newspapers two days ago stirred a dispute among a section of intellectuals and especially Andhra Pradesh Brahmnin Seva Sangh.     

When we hear that ‘Brahmanism’ is a cinema product based on the novel ‘Brahmanikam’ written by Chalam, the movie gained more importance. ‘Why are producers and directors insulting great writers like Chalam by making C Grade Sex pictures? Where did Chalam project Brahmin Women with obscenity like the way we are seeing in this movie? Censor Board members should be hanged to death for giving a clearance to this kind of filthy movies,’ warned traditional Brahmin associations. Producer Gangadhar of ‘Brahmanism’ promised to edit the dialogues and scenes which could be found troublesome for a section of society.

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