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Pawan Fans Keep Puri Stressed

Thu 16th Feb 2012 09:01 AM
Pawan Fans Keep Puri Stressed


‘Nuvvu Nanda Aithe Enti…Nenu Badri…Badrinath…’ The subjective punch delivered by Pawan Kalyan with this simple dialogue in the movie ‘Badri’ is very much known to Fans and public too. What could be the intensity and range of excitement among audience, if the same combination of Puri and Pawan are coming back with this new venture of ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu?’

A normally relaxed Puri Jagannath is informed to have been feeling the stress observing the expectations of Pawan Fans. Yes, the buzz around this flick is so high that we even see a flow of self cooked dialogues from die hard Power Star admirers revolving on net. Known for powerful punches, Puri has to take his time in getting relaxed by completing ‘Idiot 2’ with Raviteja first and then think about ‘Ram Babu.’ However, Pawan Kalyan running through a desert of successes can hope for a massive hit this time.


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