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Vizag babes nude MMS mania!

Sun 25th Apr 2010 06:44 PM

City known for its peaceful and kind hearted people is Visakhapatnam. Soon, this city needs to be renamed taking into consideration for the nude MMS mania among youth. Mobile phone retailers and cell servicing points in the city are known to have formed into unions and hiring college going boys to trap beautiful girls in their colleges. Later these girls are taken to distant locations or secret rooms and perform forcible sex on them. Already the well equipped CC TV camera and mobile cameras shoot the entire episode and they get the first class visuals with excellent clarity.

As these pics and videos come out, they are sold at Rs.500 to Rs.1000 at all the cell servicing points and students are forming bee lines before mobile shops to get their mobiles filled with adult videos of their own college and local girls. Even these mobile shoppers resort for black mailing of the girls demanding thousands of rupees for deleting their nude pictures. Business seems to be running crores of rupees not alone in Vizag but also in peripheral towns like Anakapalli, Koththavalasa, Padmanabham etc.

Locals in these sex MMS visuals include girls from poor and middle class to daughters of elite businessmen.

Special codes in market: For sex video of Student Girls the code is ‘SF’ while the code is ‘LF’ for Local Aunties. If you want the sex videos and pics of cinema heroine just ask ‘F.’

One of the regional news channels has conducted string operation to bring before the public about this biggest illegal business. Girls who have trapped in this MMS clippings are known to be attempting for suicides. One might wonder, what Vizag police is actually doing?

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