Vennello Hai Hai Review

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Vennello Hai Hai Review
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Vennello Hai Hai Review, What’s Behind: The brand of director Vamsy known for purest Konaseema Telugu nativity filled films is here with his milestone 25th project which made this Vennello Hai Hai special for a set of audience. Let us see, how far Vamsy stood upto his distinct identity in our review.

Vennello Hai Hai Story: Susheel (Ajmal) and Sathya (Nikitha Narayan) meet in a train en-route to Hyderabad. Surprisingly, Susheel and Sathya arrive in city on the same purpose because both their parents are willing to arrange their marriage. However, Susheel’s parents are shell shocked when horoscope mentions their son as already married. Trying to rewind the childhood past, Susheel remembers that he married Tanuja as part of Bommala Pelli. Here begins the journey of Susheel to find the whereabouts of Tanuja as Sathya also joins him on mission. What kind of journey was this? When did Sathya and Susheel fell in love? Who is Tanuja? All these questions are answered when Sathya and Susheel land in Pasalapudi.

Vennello Hai Hai Artists, Technicians and Rating Analysis: The strongest point one expects from a Vamsy film is ample comedy and a distinguishable treatment which is impossible for other directors. This time too Vamsy picked a storyline of love and marriage which has some strength inherently. Problems lied in execution with a poverty stricken budget killing the very essence. Into the screenplay, traveling of hero and heroine into different sets of people with everyone teaching a moral of life is in fact a good idea. Dialogues were totally atrocious and so are the technical aspects of cinematography and editing. One would wonder on how far Vamsy would justify this sort of a poor quality film from a man of such marvelous standards. Late Chakri music comes as a respite bringing in the real Vamsy flavor. Production values of D Venkatesh clearly lacked in grade. Of course, the producer should be appreciable for having belief on Vamsy and seems to have arranged a toughest release which is by itself a big risk.

On to artists, Ajmal was never convincing in the protagonist characterization. Nikitha Narayan looked enticing in sarees, maintaining the Vamsy mark. Among the others, artist who played uncle to Ajmal was entertaining for a while.

In briefing the overall product, Vamsy is clearly out of his basics. He followed a piteous path of narration with outdated segments. Technically, the film suffered with innumerable flaws as all the scenes were clearly in lowest of quality norms. Very rarely do we see Vamsy making this sort of films with null emotions and poor performances from lead artists. Coming to comedy, Vamsy at least showed his spark in couple of scenes. Onto artists and technicians, none of them were together as a team because teamwork never fails. 

Those Telugu audiences respecting Vamsy for what he has achieved so far, you can give a try only and only on a constraint of bearing plenty of boredom for the sake of few laughs and few family emoting episodes which had his mark. Finally, Vennello Hai Hai is a feckless product from a debased Vamsy and its really hard to rate it with 2 stars. 

Vennello Hai Hai Cinejosh Review: Where is Vamsy? Forget Him!

                                                  Vennello Hai Hai Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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