Ungarala Rambabu Review

Ungarala Rambabu Review
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Director: Kranthi Madhav
Producer: Paruchuri Kireeti
Release Date: Fri 15th Sep 2017
Actors: Sunil, Miya George, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore and Others
Ungarala Rambabu Rating: 1.5 / 5
Ungarala Rambabu Punchline: Gingirala Rambabu

Ungarala Rambabu Review, What’s Behind:

Comedian turned hero Sunil faced series of flops in recent times has teamed up with talented Kranthi Madhav of Onamalu, Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju fame. Though the film is long delayed, people had hopes on this decent combination. Let us see, how far the film lived up to expectations?

Ungarala Rambabu Story Review:

Rambabu (Sunil) is the only heir in a rich family loses all the money. After believing in fake god-man Badam Baba (Posani), once again Rambabu finds 200 Crores gold treasure and falls in love with his PA Savitri (Miya George) from Kerala as per orders from Badam Baba. When it comes to Rambabu’s marriage, Savitri’s father Nair (Prakash Raj), a staunch communist who hates capitalists like Rambabu disagrees. How Rambabu fights against all odds including Nair’s selection for his daughter Lenin (Vennela Kishore) and the problem in village is rest.

Ungarala Rambabu Artists, Technicians Review:

To begin with storyline, Kranthi Madhav appeared completely chaotic. The simple idea of an orthodox hero landing in communist family to win the heroines sounds to be safe but screenplay and direction are extremely pathetic. One does not know how come a sensible director Kranthi Madhav fell into the trap of commercial mould to dish out a tasteless product which neither had fun nor social message nor any sort of entertainment to register. Except a couple of dialogues in second half, writing department failed atrociously. With no focused purpose or a particular theme to convey for audience, Ungarala Rambabu strolls here and there with many silly episodes. Sarvesh Murari’s camera work is mediocre and so is the very bad editing from Kotagiri. Do not ask about music from Ghibran, one of the poorest in recent times. Production standards from United Movies are also just acceptable.              

About performances, Sunil tried his level to best to give a lease of life to lifeless scenes which come and go episode by episode just relying on his known format of comic dialogue delivery and dances. But nothing rescued. Miya George isn’t a stung beauty. She just acted as per the commands and nothing to remember. Prakash Raj’s characterization is half baked as communism follower. Most of the scenes ran between PR and Sunil tested the patience. Posani and Vennela Kishore comedy are just acceptable to an extent. Hari Teja, Rajeev Kanakala, Duvvasi Mohan showed their presence.

Ungarala Rambabu Review Advantages:

Nothing Except A Scene On Humanism     

Ungarala Rambabu Review Disadvantages:

Rest All

Ungarala Rambabu Review Rating Analysis:

This is not the first time Sunil is falling short in selecting proper scripts which suit his image. Despite last few flops, Sunil wasted one more brilliant opportunity of getting the best out from a sensible Kranthi Madhav. Having an exciting idea is different from extracting a complete film of 2 hours plus runtime. Points like communism and humanism might sound instantly heart touching but a meaty screenplay and gripping narrative are mandatory to win the game.

Forgetting this basic point, Kranthi Madhav wasted entire first half with many senseless, forced episodes. From Sunil’s childhood character to present times of a travels owner with 100 buses through Posani’s fake god-man theme, what Kranthi Madhav tried to convey remained a million dollar question? In between comes Ashish Vidyarthi for no good reason. As soon as Sunil, Miya romantic track begins, we are left tormented till interval via an unnecessary Dubai trip. Apparently, we aren’t disclosing the destitute scenes shot in Dubai just to keep our viewers safe.

Into second half, Sunil and Miya land in Kerala. Here on Prakash Raj takes the lead to generate some sort of excitement but all our hopes drain out because elements taken by Kranthi Madhav in the process of resolving the conflict between Sunil, PR are dealt unconvincingly. In between come songs to further agonize the viewers. Towards climax, Rajeev Kanakala’s entry as IAS Officer or the cycle race to win Miya or the speech on Labor Day stage went directionless.

All in all, everything went wrong for Ungarala Rambabu from beginning till the end. Missing of pragmatic approach in Kranthi Madhav and Sunil unable to out of his formulaic mould made the film a vapid show. High time for Sunil to re-check his strengths. CJ rates Ungarala Rambabu with 1.5 stars hoping for Box Office to speak the same.  

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