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Tripura Review
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Tripura Review, What’s Behind: Raj Kiran, the new talented director popularized by super hit ‘Geethanjali’ is again back to his favorite horror-thriller genre. For a change, he has bubby girl Colors Swathi as protagonist and the team with Kona Venkat is always something special. With whole lot of expectations, the movie has hit screens today. How great is this horror journey filled with thrills, let us see in ‘Tripura’ review.

Tripura Story: Cute village girl Tripura (Swathi) is blessed with a strange super power of identifying the real life past incidents of others through her dreams. Worried parents (Shivannarayana, Rajitha) attend a popular psychiatrist (Rao Ramesh) who suggests the case to sub-ordinate Dr. Naveen (Naveen Chandra). In no time, Naveen and Tripura fall in love and then happily married. However, this time Tripura dreams about herself killing the own husband. Naveen is earlier reluctant to believe in it. But, situations turn very suspicious when a murder case of Isha (Pooja) suspects Naveen as culprit. How are Isha and Naveen related? What is their flashback? Why are mysterious things happening in Naveen’s house? 

Tripura Artists and Technicians: Undoubtedly, Raj Kiran continued to play a safe game in this genre by selecting a distinctive storyline touching the scientific reasoning behind dreams. Though the idea is trembling, Kona’s screenplay turned complete routine without offering any justice to either devil horror or murder thriller or comedy drama. Unable to take any of these strong sides, his direction straggled to and fro. Both treatment and narration wise, Raj Kiran was not at his regular best as what we have seen in ‘Geethanjali.’ Truly speaking, there was a clear lack of excitement and sheer thrill while watching the key episodes. Comedy wise, Raj Kiran showed some good treatment well utilizing the artists, though there is nothing different from other horror-comedy contextual instances. Raj Kiran proved to be a genius in hiding the real twist till the end giving a goose-bump in pre-climax. Ravi Kumar’s subjacent camera work with misconstrued lighting schema reduced the visual grandeur and quality. In many portions, visuals were clearly pixel-broken. Editing is also a mediocre work. Kamran’s music sounded horrified at few portions but overall, this is also a medium output like the dialogues written by Raja. VFX also did not have any great shakes. Production values from Crazy Media and A Chinna Babu are fair to middling.

On to performances, Swathi is the centre of attraction. With cute expressions in village belle costumes, she stole the show. She clearly appeared to have added weight and that was too delighted to watch her in saris. Swathi showed lots of variation in characterization, first as a naughty village girl and then as a responsible wife. Naveen Chandra does it easily as Doctor and then demonstrated real mettle in second half. The guys who have done Police Officer and his friend were apt. Pooja Ramachadran had a brief character giving real twist in climax. Sapthagiri’s comedy provided lot of relief in between. JP and Shakalaka Shankar were hilarious. Shivannarayana, Rajitha and others in village does well. Rao Ramesh is dignified. Rest, everyone was fine.

Tripura Rating Analysis: Though there are technical flaws in mid zone of the film, Raja Kiran had a decent take off and satisfactory climax which made a sea of difference in overall impact at audience. In fact, thrill elements were forcibly added into the first half while introducing to the haunted farm house on one side and at same time, establishing village plot of Colors Swathi. Journey of Swathi from village to city and meeting Naveen Chandra leading to marriage were quite cinematic. In between, the dreams concept is also well established which helped in an intriguing interval bang. Second half is seriously suffered with serious missing of gripping moments, even though Raj Kiran has enough space. Regular formulaic episodes marred the real impact expected from ‘Geethanjali’ director. 

Above all, ‘Tripura’ strength lies in its artists Colors Swathi, Sapthagiri, Naveen Chandra and the real effort taken by director in hiding the suspense element till the end. In the process, he lost the flow several times with boring drama which hasn’t happened in ‘Geethanjali.’ Moreover, the attention taken towards DI works was visibly insufficient. Still, ‘Tripura’ worked well in bits and pieces offering ample thrill, enough horror and overdosed comedy stuff too. In-totality, Cinejosh rates ‘Tripura’ with 2.75 stars.

Commercially, ‘Tripura’ budget seems to be quite meager and makers have happily exploited on ‘Geethanjali’ advantage to garner table profits. Even distributors would be safe sided by end of first week.

Tripura Cinejosh Verdict: Lot More Expected From Horror-Thriller.

                                                           Tripura Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                     Reviewed By Srivaas

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