Thuntari Review

Thuntari Review
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Thuntari Review, What’s Behind: Nara Rohit’s career is still to enjoy a bright take off and his struggle is moved on to this Tamil to Telugu remake film directed by Kumar Nagendra. With AR Murugadoss providing the original story, script; let us see how far ‘Thuntari’ will provide a breakthrough for entire team?

Thuntari Story: Five IT employees (Vennela Kishore and others) working for Satwam Computers go on an outing to Anantha Giri Hills. They come across a Swamiji forecasting the future and gives them a future newspaper which not only comes true about all five losing their IT jobs due to shut down of Satwam Computers but also gives them a lucky opportunity to win Rs.5 Crore prize money betting on a boxer called Raju, son of Ananda Rao working in BSNL. Very soon, they find tapori guy Raju (Nara Rohit) as person of their choice and sponsor him for Andhra Pradesh Boxing Championship. In parallel, Raju uses his fake boxer identity to win the love of heroine Siri (Latha Hegde). As time comes for some real boxing action, Raju faces tough opponent Killer Raju (Kabir Duhan Singh). Who is the actual Raju declared as winner in the newspaper? Is it our hero Raju or villain Killer Raju?

Thuntari Artists and Technicians: Coming on to storyline, there is a commercial tinge inherently with AR Murugadoss amalgamated a fantasy element with formulaic romantic track and a message driven sports backdrop. Director Kumar Nagendra looked prompt and effective with much needed take off grabbing the attention. Later problem surfaced when dealing with boxing episodes losing an authentic touch. Screenplay wanders on known lines with falling grace. By pre climax and climax, Kumar tried to weave the loose ends together which worked to an extent. Lakshmi Bhoopal wrote some funny one-liners providing instant laughter. Palani Kumar’s camera work is awesome and visuals are quite rich. Especially those shot on fantasy aspect are gripping. Thammi Raju’s editing is just ok. Sai Kartheek scored well in BGM and songs are beautifully shot. Production standards of Sri Keerthi Films are the best. 

On to performances, Rohit’s cute and chubby face does well to an extent in mouthing the comic punches saving the first half. When the real soul comes to fore, his hefty body wasn’t suitable to an iota for the boxer look. Emotions wise, he tried to ooze a life with innocence and for the first time, he moved the body in dances. Latha Hegde is a weak link in romantic track. She isn’t a performer and not an alluring beauty too. It was just Rohit balanced the love episodes with humor touch. Kabir Duhan Singh’s villainy isn’t ripened. His macho looks are best for being a champion boxer but audience can’t empathize with his roguery. Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and team did a good job becoming the backbone for total plot. Kasi Vishwanath, Sanjay Reddy, Sanjay Swaroop and others were fine.

Thuntari Rating Analysis: Like every Telugu film, ‘Thuntari’ had an interesting plot but the way it’s scripted and presented is illogical. Kumar Nagendra would have pretty early sensed the stumbling blocks in dealing with these kinds of scripts. So, he made major changes from the original in first half with an extensive love story shouldered by Rohit. Till this part after a wonderful start, the movie looked fine and well progressing. As romance gets diluted despite having neatly canned songs, interval block ushers in a surprise with second Raju entering into the story. Used as it is from ‘Maan Karate,’ the first half was very satisfactory.

When Rohit, a no boxer at all enters boxing ring in second half, Kumar Nagendra is sidetracked from his easy, favorable space. Later Rohit crossing the first rounds in ring with silly attitude is the area narration went adrift. As tragedy comes near for final round, the plea for mercy from hero bending before villain and Killer Raju lusting on heroine make narration an ordinary fare. For climax, Kumar had ample opportunity to drive in strong emotions for rationalizing on how hero winning the bet. There were numerous well dealt examples in ‘Thammudu, Amma Nanna O Thamil Ammayi’ and so on. At penultimate hour, ‘Thuntari’ buckles to remain as an average flick.

In totality, ‘Thuntari’ had its own advantageous first half and poorly executed second half. It’s time for Rohit to keep an ear for critics’ word and cut down the flab as quickly as possible. All in all, this is a better film for Rohit relative to his last outings. So, Cinejosh rates the film with 2.5 starts waiting for Box Office commercial judgment from audience. 

Thuntari Cinejosh Verdict: Funny First Half - Sloppy Second Half.

Thuntari Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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