Speedunnodu Review

Speedunnodu Review
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Speedunnodu Review, What’s Behind: Young hero Bellamkonda Sreenivas debuted with commercial flick ‘Alludu Seenu’ is back with this second film a remake of Tamil hit ‘Sundarapandian.’ Directed by remake specialist Bheemaneni Sreenivas Raavu, the film has hit the screens today. Let us get more into later portions in our review.

Speedunnodu Story: Shobhan (Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas) is the only son of landlord and humanitarian Veerabhadrappa (Prakash Raj) in Rayalaseema region. Shobhan has a habit of helping friends who ever are in love. In an attempt to generate love between his friend Giri (Madhu Nandan) and Vasanthi (Sonarika Bhadoria), unfortunately Shobhan bumps into love with Vasanthi who is none other than his ex-flame. On the other side, Vasanthi’s father (Rao Ramesh) finalizes her matrimonial deal with Jagan (Kabir Dhuan Singh). Then there is also Madan (Chaitanya Krishna), helping one of his friend (Sathya) who is deeply in love with same girl Vasanthi. Twist here is; all of them like Shobhan, Giri, Jagan and Madhu are childhood friends. Here an unfortunate murder happens keeping the blame on Shobhan. How twists unlock during the pre climax and what’s the betrayal game between friends forms the rest.

Speedunnodu Artists and Technicians: Like every Tamil film focuses more on strong nativity and rawness, our Bheemaneni tried to add an authentic Telugu touch to this remake script which mainly plays on friendship, betrayal, romance and revenge. Although core point in story divulges only in last 20 minutes or so, Bheemaneni passed most of time trading on friend gangs, their tumults in romance which are generally seen in small towns. In fact, he let the plot to go loose and ill defined during these portions displaying disloyalty towards the original. Extreme commerciality is also added to hero characterization, who actually looks a boy next door. Direction wise, Bheemaneni strived to keep the audience hooked with funny one-liners, drama and also lavishly canned songs. The real thrill and suspense are visible only towards the end. Dialogues from Praveen Varma could have been more adroit to buoy up a feel and soul. Vijay Ulaganathan’s camera work is decent and so Goutham Raju’s editing. DJ Vasanth’s music had a commercial outlook with couple of racy songs and piercing background score. Production values of Goodwill Cinema and Bheemaneni Roshita Sai are also fine.

On to performances, Sai Sreenivas has surely put up a better show relative to his first outing. He although improved as an actor but the script was cumbersome on his shoulders to carry on. In turn, script shouldered him to a large extent. On to dances and fights, Sai showed the same ease as his first film. Sai needs to learn techniques on how to emote freely during those crucial scenes which had a blanch look. Sonarika Bhadoria looks good in few village costumes and nothing striking in her from acting perspective. Rao Ramesh and Prakash Raj characterizations were infirmly etched creating a lean impact. On to the friends batch, Srinivas Reddy shined with comic punches followed by Madhu Nandan, Chaitanya Krishna and Kabir Duhan Singh played their parts well. Ali, Posani and Prudhvi generated few laughs. Among the rest Shakalaka Shankar, Sathya, Pragathi, Jhansi, Rama Prabha and others struck to their roles. Tamanna’s item song was also just ok.

Speedunnodu Rating Analysis: Story and script of the movie principally hinges on Shobhan characterization. Love, friendship, betrayal and every emotion the narration focuses on finally should end in hero. This necessitates an artist with strong acting skill to become a hero for loading into the character. For this, Sai Sreenivas should have done lot more home work and director Bheemaneni too. With an original soul missing and quality of honesty needed in central hero misplaced, director has diluted the overall impression this film was meant to create. Forced songs placement and weak emotional connections have further added to the anarchy.

First half takes off on a weak note with formulaic hero introduction, punch dialogues and a song. Once we enter into friends’ gang and romance in bus, there were few refreshing and breezy moments. As the same prolongs on and on with hero narrating his flashback on school going heroine, migraine slowly builds up. Interval bang is also poorly conceived. Into second half, film climbs on insincerity with unrealistic situations drowned on feel-good factor. One might not find friends of this sort nowhere in the world, who gets ready to kill their best childhood buddies on imbecile grounds. Towards the bloodshed climax, Bheemaneni had a chance to rescue the overall spirit in his concept by holding a deep hearted conversation between four friends. Rather, the climax looked imbalanced hero leaving his friends half dead and five years later, Srinivas Reddy’s son repeating the same old lines. 

All in all, ‘Speedunnodu’ could have been a far better film than what it is now. Instead of remaining in good faith towards the Tamil original, Bheemaneni’s pointless addition of commercial attributes including comatose heroism ending in insensate result impels us to rate the movie with 2.5 stars. Box Office final equations have to be wait and seen.

Speedunnodu Cinejosh Verdict: Speedometer Goes No Where!

                                                 Speedunnodu Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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