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Soukhyam Review
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Soukhyam Review, What’s Behind: Hero Gopichand, heroine Regina Cassandra are with rising hands and so is director AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary enjoyed a hit ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham.’ All three formed a team with ruinous Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan and Sreedhar Seepana in making this ‘Soukhyam.’ Let us see, how far they repeated ‘Loukyam’ magic in our review.

Soukhyam Story: All it begins on a distressed note introducing Srinivas (Gopichand) as a bekar awara with a stupid family (Mukesh Rishi father, Pragathi mother, Raghu Babu babai, Sathya Krishna pinni, Surekha Vani akka and Shivaji Raja bava). In no time, a hopeless flashback arrives before us explaining the idiotic love track of Srinu with Shailaja (Regina), daughter of Kolkata based Kingmaker PR (Devan). In parallel, Srinu also takes rivalry with local gang Bhau Ji (Pradeep Rawat) on an empty headed issue. What’s connection between Bhau Ji and PR? Why Srinu goes all the way to Kolkata? How Srinu’s family helped him in winning his love?

Soukhyam Artists and Technicians: To start it with first line, ‘Soukhyam’ is a collective failure just like a clinical phrase ‘multi-organ failure’ killing a healthy patient. Beginning from story, dialogues supplied by Sreedhar Seepana to screenplay from Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan followed by AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary direction or Anup Rubens music and production design from Bhavya Creations, each of them were completely unprofessional to core in performing their duties. The very first scene of Gopichand introduction stood as illustration on what kind of tormenting we have ahead. The atrocious screenplay further assassinates the viewers with each of the romantic episode and establishment of conflict between hero and villain sucking your patience. AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary’s direction standards showed his bottom-rung qualification in zero competiveness. The powerful way PR is introduced and later on same characterization graph touching the lowest ebb is a clear ineptitude in his direction. Its better I skip Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan from analysis because I am helpless in finding words to describe their shoddy attitude. And so is Sreedhar Seepana walking in their shadow. Prasad Murella cinematography is just pass-able while editing from Goutham Raju is run-of-the-mill. Anup Rubens repeated his ‘Loukyam’ tunes and BGM without wasting much of his time and resources. With a team of such junky benchmarks, it’s hard to find any yardstick attributes in production design. Anne Ravi and Ananda Prasad are totally ill-fated producers.

Onto performance, what made Gopichand to pick this project is still a million dollar unanswered question? After getting into a safe success track, again it’s derailing for the first time. The hero characterization lacks in every fundamental component needed to call Gopi a hero. Regina Cassandra is quite mechanical. She is a complete waste. Mukesh Rishi, Pragathi, Raghu Babu, Sathya Krishna, Surekha Vani and Shivaji Raja never tried to save us. Pradeep Rawat is regular. Devan is a blunder. Highly impossible to call Prudhvi, Krishna Bhagawan, Jyothi, Apoorva as comedians! Brahmanandam continued his failure run with one more bakwas role. Rest does not need a mention. 

Soukhyam Rating Analysis: It’s enough from our side to re-repeat the same lines…. time has come for Kona and Gopi to pack their bags. But when producers are paying heftily for these lackluster scripts, why should they? ‘Ichche Vaadiki Lenappudu… Theesukune Vaadiki Enti Noppi.’ For those audiences lacking trust on ‘Soukhyam’ might have never estimated a film to down-par ‘Sankarabharanam’ standards by miles. 

Director Chowdary cannot complete a film without train episode but this time, he failed in his favorite area too. With a loathsome and repugnant romantic track, Chowdary ate runtime of almost 40 minutes in first half. How unfair it was on his part to build a love track without any chemistry or feel? Just before interval, one action episode shot on Gopichand served relief. Later on interval block missed in sparks. Into second half, scenario shifts to Kolkata, Tirupathi and Hyderabad fitting into a feeble Kona template. Our luck, no where the confusion comedy works and much before the story moves into pre climax, half of the theater is emptied. What’s those Bahubali and Srimanthudu spoofs? Its just possible only for Kona, Gopi, Sreedhar and Chowdary to wrap up a family backdrop film without tracing an emotional chord.

From any basic standards set in industry, ‘Soukhyam’ cannot be called a feature film. Irrespective of any centre value, this movie is eligible to be declared as atrociously disastrous. Cinejosh is here to discourage this sort of a movie with 1.75 stars rating. 

Soukhyam Cinejosh Verdict: Multiple Organ Failure!

                                                 Soukhyam Cinejosh Rating: 1.75/5.0

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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