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Shivam Review
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Shivam Review, What’s Behind: Young and energetic Ram banking on the recent success of ‘Pandaga Chesko’ attempted one more commercial film with debutant director Sreenivasa Reddy and Rashi Khanna as heroine. Let us see, how far Sravanthi Ravikishore and his team succeeded to provide us entertainment in our ‘Shivam’ review.

Shivam Story: Movie takes off introducing Shiva (Ram) as a young guy with aggressive attitude helping the eloped lovers to get married with a simple philosophy, Manaku Nache Ammayi Kosam Wait Cheyali… Vachaaka Fight Cheyali. On a train journey, Shiva enters into a confrontation with Jedcherla based powerful local goon Bhoji Reddy (Vineet Kumar) and his three sons. On the same journey, Shiva also falls in love at first sight with Tanuja (Rashi Khanna) in Kurnool and tries to impress her. In parallel, a gang headed by Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) is also on the hunt for Shiva. Very soon when Shiva and Tanuja begin to develop a romantic chemistry, Tanuja and her family is kidnapped by Abhi. How Shiva plays the game of wits between Bhoji Reddy and Abhi groups? What is the original name of Shiva? What is his tragic flashback? When Tanuja obliges the sincere love of Shiva?

Shivam Artists and Technicians: As a story, there is nothing so serious and a point to register this film is enveloped with. Obscurity in premise and imprecise characterizations take the narrative to go wayward. Kishore Tirumala impressed here and there with good writing but screenplay is so loose despite there is superb raciness in storytelling. Everything looks like quite a familiar thesis pulling the excitement factor to lowest ebb. Sreenivasa Reddy’s direction abilities early on were impressive but later on downscaled gradually. His dizzy approach became more profound with lack of substance to run the whole of second half. Rasool Ellore camera work is awesome and primarily, all the songs were beautifully canned. Madhu’s editing missed in sharpness to chronicle the protagonist’s flashback. Devi Sri Prasad is forever highly reliable with energetic background score and songs rocked. Production values of Sravanti Ravikishore are high and in sync with a commercial entertainer. 

Onto artists, Ram looked handsome and the character is just tailor made. He put in lot of efforts for action episodes while his funny mannerisms in romantic scenes are cute. About dances, Ram beat the dust. His modish styling in flashback is delightful. All in all, Ram ran the movie on his shoulders. Rashi Khanna is a little pulpy besides lean Ram. She dazzled in many scenes and the thigh show in songs is sure to allure the front benchers. Vineet Kumar did a regular villainy, Abhimanyu Singh was inconsistent while Brahmi, Srinivas Reddy, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Prabhas Srinu struck to conventional roles. Posani was distinctive and Sapthagiri was pale. Singer Mano, Surekha Vani as a pair appeared authentic. Among the rest, none needs a big mention.

Shivam Rating Analysis: From Ram point of view, this film is no way going to help his career because of routine formulaic treatment and excessively dragged second half. There is uncertainty and unsettledness in Sreenivasa Reddy direction which affected the movie in overall. Without a central point to establish, he wandered here and there wasting the run time finally ending on a flimsy note. In order to bring in sudden seriousness for the run, a friendship centric flashback is added. Although, it was too late by then even this trick missed in sincerity. All these drawbacks resulted in hero’s characterization getting diluted with whimsical traits. 

To be more frank, movie takes off on a breezy note establishing the central characters with mass appeal. When everything looks so smooth for debutant director, focus on love track and entry of Brahmanandam begins the downfall. Abhimanyu Singh and episodes following were humiliating. Interval block could have been much better. Second half becomes childish and scenes go one by one irrational. Climax is outright mishap with hero preaching a message for a changeover in villain. In the name of commercial cinema, ‘Shivam’ is totally misguided with down-and-out treatment and suffering execution. All these setbacks make ‘Shivam’ a 2.5 star rating film. Commercially, ‘Shivam’ success lies in verdict from lower order centers.

Shivam Cinejosh Verdict: Sick and Shaky.

                                           Shivam Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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