Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu Review

Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu Review
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SARS Review, What’s Behind: Hat trick hero Raj Tharun’s fourth film with debutant heroine Arthana and new director Srinivas Gavireddy made this film attractive with their names. With a new producer team leading from front, let us see how far Raj Tharun lived up to the expectations?    

SARS Story: Sree Ram aka Ram (Raj Tharun) is an undirected youngster whose only aim in life is to marry Seetha Mahalakshmi (Arthana), whom he loves from childhood. While Ram sticks to mischief in Ramachandrapuram village, Seetha is pursuing MBBS making her parents (Raja Ravindra) proud. As time passes, Ram proposes Seetha only to face rejection. In no time, Seetha understands the sincerity in Ram but time left is very little because Seetha’s marriage is already fixed with Karthik (Adarsh Balakrishnan), an aspiring cricket player soon joining Indian cricket team. To win Seetha, here comes final cricket battle between Ramachandrapuram’s Ram batch and city based Karthik team. Who won and who lost the game? Finally, who won Seetha is rest.

SARS Artists and Technicians: Basic flaw lied in director Srinivas Gavireddy choosing an age old rotten plot. His screenplay also belonged to 90s with a series of poorly conceived episodes. Although rural backdrop added pleasantness on screen but script is so feeble which kept on falling in standards. Village setup mandatorily means hero will have a spontaneous friends’ batch drink, eat and enjoy making fun. Lot of scope available within the given plot, Gavireddy did not provide any worth remembering hilarious moments. Even the love track meanders needlessly struggling with lack of content. Such dragging only tends to develop frustration among audience which is clearly sensed in first half. Interval block is one good example on where the director stood. Dialogues cracked in few places and crashed in many instances. Vishwa’s cinematography and Karthika Srinivas editing were also just customary. Gopi Sunder’s music was good for couple of songs while BGM is again pretty ordinary work. Production values of Sri Sailendra banner are fine. 

Performance wise, Raj Tharun is familiar with these characterizations. His styling was poor and so is his mannerisms repeatedly seen in last three films. This is right time for Raj Tharun to try something new. Arthana is cutely little. Shakalaka Shankar and batch were funny to an extent. Raja Ravindra as heroine’s father did a fine job. Ranadheer as heroine’s sister and Adarsha Balakrishnan as cricket player were also ok. Director N Shankar in hero’s father role was a surprise. Surekha Vani, Radha Kumari and others were for name sake.

SARS Rating Analysis: Stories based on youthful love concepts need very strong execution. For example, director Gavireddy was largely influenced by ‘Manasichchi Choodu, Kabaddi Kabaddi’ kind of movies. Inspiring is no big crime but he faltered presenting the same in his own style. Basically, Gavireddy could not own the script, story and rather tried to pack the run time weaving some seriously boring threads one by one. Story leisurely moves within some limited space with no big purpose.  

Only by the time of second half, director caught hold of what he had it in mind. Yes, the cricket match bet which is tested from Lagaan times again and again. In fact, this whole episode is quite lengthy with pretty ordinary treatment. After a successful start to career, Raj Tharun for the first time should be brave enough to face the defeat. All in all, SARS is a very poorly made below average flick which cannot win more than 2.5 stars.

SARS Cinejosh Verdict: Not Enough For a Raj Tharun Film!

                                              SARS Cinejosh Verdict: 2.5/5.0

                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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