Saptagiri LLB Review

Saptagiri LLB Review
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Director: Charan Lakkakula
Producer: Raj Kiran
Release Date: Thu 07th Dec 2017
Actors: Saptagiri, Sonakshi Varma, Sai Kumar, Siva Prasad etc
Saptagiri LLB Rating: 2.5 / 5
Saptagiri LLB Punchline: Unfaithful Remake

Saptagiri LLB Review, What’s Behind:

Comedian turned hero Sapthagiri is all out again to prove himself as a commercial hero. After critics panned Saptagiri Express, here comes Saptagiri LLB as a remake to hit Jolly LLB. Directed by Charan Lakkakula and produced by Ravikiran, the film has Sonakshi Varma, Sai Kumar in main leads. Let us see how faithful is this remake?

Saptagiri LLB Story Review:

Saptagiri LLB (Saptagiri) is a struggling Chettu Kinda Pleader in Hyderabad fighting with petty cases. One fine day, Saptagiri comes across a suspicious hit and run case of Toyota Fortuner vehicle killing beggars on footpath handled by top lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar). Though Saptagiri initially adopts corrupt route but soon realizes to fight for justice. How he wins the case is filled with twists and turns in the rest of court room drama.

Saptagiri LLB Artists, Technicians Review:

To begin with, all those who already watched Jolly LLB will have the right idea on how Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla tore the film apart with their commendable performances in a completely author backed script from Subhash Kapoor. Coming to Telugu version, director Lakkakula though digested the essence in script but unnecessarily added extra commercial ingredients to elevate Sapthagiri as main stream mass star hero. This is where screenplay lost its honesty and interest drops down gradually. Same is the case with his execution as a director, thanks to Sai Kumar for single handedly saving the film from further sinking well supported by MP Siva Prasad in Judge character. Above all writing part from Paruchuri Brothers stood the central spine because confrontational episodes between Saptagiri, Sai Kumar stood out on dialogues, especially while discussing the farmer issues. Camera work by Sarangam SR is colorful and editing by Goutham Raju could have chopped the excessive slow motion heroism shots. Bulganin’s music is mediocre. Production standards from Dr Ravi Kiran are moderate.

About performances, Saptagiri went over the board many a times with unwanted energy and extra oozing body language. His dances in foreign locations and romantic track with heroine Sonakshi Varma are weakest parts. Despite such drawbacks, yet Saptagiri impresses in last 30 minutes with few stirring dialogues. Sai Kumar may not be a match with Boman Irani’s finesse but brought a lot of depth. Heroine Sonakshi Varma has zero importance. MP Shiva Prasad shined in last portions while Shakalaka Shankar, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao added more value.

Saptagiri Review Advantages:


Sai Kumar


Last 30 Minutes

Saptagiri Review Drawbacks:

First Half

Half Baked Direction

Unnecessary Improvisations

Artificiality In Characterizations

Saptagiri Review, Rating Analysis:

Saptagiri at least made his intentions clear that he wanted to be a mass hero right from his first heroic action Saptagiri Express. He continued the same aspirations for LLB by extending his stunts, dances and punch dialogues in a rather misfit concept centered plot. This undoubtedly diluted the principle point on which whole film hinged. Director Lakkakula seems to have aimed the film purely at B and C centers leaving far behind the metro audience.

Story begins on a sluggish note because all the scenes fabricated to establish Saptagiri and his team, his girl friend though ripped off from original version with change of nativity, nothing registered much. Only with a bootless entry of Sai Kumar into the narrative, an excitement builds up. In fact, Lakkakula could have taken audience into the hit-and-run case more effectively. Sai Kiran of Nuvve Kavali fame, Gollapudi went underutilized. Interval is splash of uncontrolled heroism.

Into second half, Saptagiri’s characterization turns more serious and focus shifts to solving the mystery behind the brutal case. Every encounter from here on between Saptagiri and Sai Kumar raises the curiosity. MP Siva Prasad adds to the momentum. Although couple of songs comes as speed breakers, towards the last 20 to 30 minutes, arresting performances from these three artists make the show engaging. In pinpoint, all the lines spelt about agriculturists strike painfully.

All in all, Saptagiri LLB is though not a faithful remake to original, it stands an average watch for Saptagiri, Sai Kumar and MP Siva Prasad’s commanding show in last 30 minutes. If one can bear the dull first half then second half entertains. Those who haven’t watched Jolly LLB, this one can be a safe bet. Overall Box Office result depends on B, C center audience acceptance. CJ goes with 2.5 stars.

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