Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka Review

Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka Review
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Behind the Movie Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka: At a time when horror comedies are ruling the market formula, here comes one more workout in the same genre within a limited budget with meager star casting. Let us see, how far this adventure is worthwhile Dimbhaka?

In the Movie Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka: Story takes-off introducing Sri as a fainthearted, innocent human being. To marry his maradalu Samatha, Sri forcibly joins his demised father’s Beat Police Officer duties for the night shifts patrolling a deadly jungle. During these night duties, Sri meets a friendly tribal family in forest with their elder daughter Hameeda falling instantly in love with him. However, Sri depends on his close friend Shakalaka Shankar for every small decision. As Shankar enters into story, he lusts on Hameeda’s younger sister Geethanjali. Meanwhile, a big twist in the tale comes in the form of this entire tribal family as ghosts. How Sri and Shankar dealt them is rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka: Just like every horror comedy, this film is also scripted with high spotlight on delivering slapstick comedy alongside spine chilling blocks placed here and there at unequal intervals. Debutant Tirumalasetti Kiran showed strong judgment in picking a suitable subject which current audiences are familiar with. He is the one to work on script and direct the same with scantly available resources. Writing is pretty bad except those peculiar Seekakulam dialect lines penned for Shakalaka Shankar. Direction wise, Kiran showed some strength in second half. Yogi and Shiva’s camera work is a catastrophe. Good and lengthy visuals are picked from stock videos available on net. Marthand K Venkatesh did a good job in second half. Sri Vasanth music is just ok. MS Reddy’s production values are transparently in below standard.                   

Coming to performances, Sri honestly tried his best to live in innocence with a hideous voice. He was fine in many portions. Heroines wise, Hameeda is inexpressive while Samatha is unsightly. Geethanjali is so poor at basics. Poornima as Sri’s mother is wasted. Shakalaka Shankar is the life and soul of film. Being a popular TV comedian on Jabardasth show, this is best shot on his cinema journey. His peculiar Srikakulam accent is an easy-connect with front benchers. Presence of Jyothi in vamp body selling character along with her three sisters is filthiest portion of film. Among the rest, none needs a big mention except Ali in a cameo.

Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka is unsubstantial and wasted drill from a despairing team. They lacked in focus and will to present an engaging film. Treatment and production qualities were on par with TV serial standards. Erratic behavior of characters along with ugly weaved sub-threads are sure to destroy our senses. Although there is a good storyline which is worth to be made into a horror comedy, everything went wrong for Kiran. Apparently, this film being made on a shoe-string budget could save the producer from a colossal disappointment.  

Cinejosh Verdict of Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka: Could Have Been Far Better.

                                                                Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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