Rowdy Fellow Review

Rowdy Fellow Review
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Behind the Movie Rowdy Fellow: As a hero Nara Rohit is slowly managing to develop a new image with creative selection of scripts and directors. Lyricist Krishna Chaitanya is turning a director with this cop action drama dealt with a political backdrop. Let us see, how good is this rural cop?

In the Movie Rowdy Fellow: Egoistic rich fellow Rana Pratap Jayadev (Nara Rohit) lands in India from USA after three years with no big purpose. A clash with West Godavari local politician’s henchmen and Superintendent of Police (Ahuti Prasad) disturbs his ego. Rana decides to join the same police department to satisfy his ego by taking revenge on SP. However, Rana settles only with SI position posted in Rural Eluru station. As he proceeds on with revenge saga by first trapping SP’s daughter Meghana (Vishaka Sharma) in a love track, real shocker comes in the form of enlightenment from a missing Constable (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao) and a local journalist, son of a daily wage labor (Gollapudi). 

The platform sets here with Kolleru Lake backdrop and the illegal encroachments of dreaded politician Adusumilli Durga Prasad (Rao Ramesh), local MP desiring for a Central Ministry. From here on, there is a direct war between Rana and Durga Prasad? 

Values of the Movie Rowdy Fellow: Rugged action cop dramas set in rural areas with a corrupt politician as antagonist is not new to Telugu audience. Very recently ‘Gabbar Singh’ and ‘Aagadu’ belong to the same genre. So, onus lies not in selection of genre but narrating the same with immense emotion delivering a delightful experience for viewers. Lyricist turned writer, director Krishna Chaitanya’s subject selection had no complaints. Problem lied in his approach to execute the action punch with a much needed emotional thread. Much of film depended on stylish camera work and philosophically sugar coated dialogues with shallowness in storytelling sustained from start to end. As a writer, Krishna Chaitanya had a social goal to achieve which is handled well. He failed absolutely as a director and script writer with predictable and snail paced concoction. Camera work of Om is colorful dispensing a mood. Editing by Karthika Srinivas is jaunty with sluggish, lumpish movement. Sunny MR rehashed the ‘Swamy Rara’ flavor in both composition of songs and BGM. Stunt composition is also infirm. Production values of T Prakash Reddy and Movie Mills are qualitative. 

On performance front, Rohit is although good looking he was not in sync with energy and flexible body language needed for a stylish cop. He was lethargic throughout with bizarre, stout physical appearance. Unlike his past films, Rohit also stood unsuccessful in adding the stroke to dialogues. In one line, heroine Vishaka Sharma is a total waste. Rao Ramesh nailed in with a smashing performance, who is the best asset of total film. Posani as Silk, the adult film theater owner was hilarious to watch. Satya (Swamy Rara fame) entertained with a new slang. They two served the comic quotient to much of the extent. Among the rest, Ajay, Ahuti Prasad, Praveen, Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao, Talluri Rameshwari, Raghu Nandan, Prudhvi did their parts.

Out of the Movie Rowdy Fellow: Debutant Krishna Chaitanya seems to have been influenced by lot of Telugu and Hollywood stuff. His confusion in narrating the story with a new hybrid format of ‘Swamy Rara’ style on a mass action subject went wayward. Almost all the scenes and characterizations were lifted from other super hit films. Despite all these, everything looked half cooked with no fluency or completeness offered. Krishna Chaitanya’s efforts as a director are utterly inferior relative to his superior writing abilities. More disadvantageous is, for the first time Rohit has also become a drawback moving in comatose condition. All in all, Krishna Chaitanya took a back sliding in stitching a peculiar product despite having all the individual parameters. Immediately, Rohit has to cut down the heavy fat in body and redesign himself to match the standards of present generation heroes. 

Pace of the film picked up in second half in comparison with dragged first half. Climax was also dealt well. Whatsoever, it was too late by then as output suffered in whole. Commercially, ‘Rowdy Fellow’ may fall lot shorter than what the costly investment producers made.  

Cinejosh Verdict of Rowdy Fellow: Poor Fellow, He Had Style Not Skill.

                                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5

                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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