Romeo Review

Romeo Review
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Behind the Movie Romeo: Director Puri Jagannath’s brother Sai Ram Shankar and heroine Adonika acted in Gopi Ganesh direction for this romantic film with a fantastic title. Let us see, how charming the film is?

In the Movie Romeo: Film takes off in Verona, Italy with introduction to globetrotter Samanta (Adonika) and a guy Kittu (Sai Ram Shankar), both being strangers. All of sudden, Kittu begins to chase Samanta as she resembles his dead lover Paddu in Vizag while Samanta hails from New York. In the process, Kittu plays all those easy on pocketbook techniques to get near her. Once Samanta realizes Kittu’s games, she isn’t left with any way to exit. From other side, Kittu’s elder brother Raviteja (Raviteja), uncle (Ali) and Paddu’s mom (Jayasudha) builds the pressure to bring her to Vizag. Meanwhile comes, Samanta’s boy friend (Subba Raju) and her dad (Naga Babu) into the scene. What happened later on? Did Kittu win the love of Samanta?

Values & Out of the Movie Romeo: Titled with tagline of Puri Rasina Prema Katha, obviously audience would love to visualize Puri’s kind of treatment from his associate Gopi Ganesh who debuted as director with a superb backdrop set in Rome. However, poor content and disgraceful screenplay bored the audience. Except Puri Jagan’s sparkling dialogues here and there, nowhere narration gets into the groove. Technically, Gopi Ganesh exploited the visual beauty of Rome through camera lenses of PG Vinda. Every frame is so beautiful to watch on screen. More than content and scene establishment, PG Vinda and Gopi worked elaborately on location establishment making ‘Romeo’ a visual feast but not a filmy feast. With no strength in content, director had got no place to fasten the drive. Naveen Nooli’s editing can be tipped off as one of the well appreciated works in recent times. At the same time Sunil Kashyap’s music was good for one or two songs and BGM was ordinary. Later on production values of Dorai Swamy was rich.

Performance wise, Sai did a good job. He is still a failure in modulating the diction or throwing punch in dialogues which is shrinking him as an actor. Styling wise, he looked good. Adonika isn’t a stunning beauty. The voice dubbed for her made characterization a bit bearable. Of the rest, none has got worthwhile screen time. Raviteja, Ali, Subba Raju, Naga Babum Jaya Sudha are restricted to couple of scenes. 

Puri Jagannath pushing Gopi Ganesh as director seems to have a reason behind. He appeared like a seasoned technician just in camera and editing departments. Selection of story and script went totally wrong for which Puri needs to be blamed on. First half drags and drags with feeble thread. Strong points or what they call twists or turns are incompetently presented. Except the production standards and capitalizing on Italy tourism, there is nothing substantial to flex on viewers attention. With entry of Raviteja and other characters, second half was made a little entertaining else this is a refuse. All in all, ‘Romeo’ might be enjoyed by a section of multiplex audiences if they really have time to kill. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Romeo: Rome is Beautiful than Romeo.

                                          Cinejosh Rating: 2.25

                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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