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Power Review
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Behind the Movie Power: Coming into form with ‘Balupu,’ Mass Maharaj took big gap working on ‘Power’ from debutant director Bobby. The film boasts a heavy star cast and big man Rockline Venkatesh is the producer. Let us see, how powerful is Raviteja’s Power?

In The Movie Power: Story kickstarts with a big chasing scene in Kolkata introducing Baldev Sahay (Raviteja) as a corrupt ACP. Saving gangster Ganguly Bhai (Sampat Raj) in this chase, Baldev Sahay ends his life. However West Bengal Home Minister and to be Chief Minister Jeyaram Roy (Mukesh Rishi) resigns from the post for failing to capture Ganguly. New introduction begins in Hyderabad with Tirupathi (Raviteja), an aspiring police officer and brother-in-law to CI Animuthyam (Brahmanandam). Struggling to become a police officer, Tirupathi takes help of a fraud Gemology expert Nirupama (Hansika), obviously the track taking a romantic turn. As story progresses on, Jeyaram Roy finds Tirupathi as an exact replica of Baldev Sahay and ropes him into the duty as ACP to catch Ganguly. Here comes big twist and Tirupathi is also shot. What is the flashback of Baldev Sahay and how his lover Vaishnavi (Regina), Uncle (Kota) is killed in the hands of Jeyaram Roy? Who kidnapped Ganguly Bhai? What is the connection between Ganguly Bhai and Jeyaram Roy? 

Values of the Movie Power: Promoted as a director from good ratings as a writer, Bobby selected a risk-free story full of regular commercial elements sticking to the image of Raviteja. The lengthy story spans through a wide time frame with plenty of twists and turns which needed a much more effective screenplay to execute the same power on screen. Chakravarthy and Bobby failed in this portion. In fact, the problems that would arise when a skillful story writer becomes a director are well explained in this film. Surprisingly, the unenthusiastic screenplay makes entire movie fall in disorder. As a director, Bobby failed to make a positive impression. On dialogues front, Kona Venkat did not give at least one right punch to remember. Technically, Jayanan Vincent camera work is dazzling with many new marvelous locations exploited. Editing wise, Goutham Raju made the simple story confusing with flashback loops. SS Thaman’s music is mundane and the tiresome background, re-recording further exemplified the hollowness in direction. Ram Lakshman, Allan Ameen’s fight compositions are stereotyped. Production values of Munirathna and Rockline Venkatesh are above A-1 class.

Performance wise, Raviteja was as usual at his mass best. There was lots of energy in his body language. In deadly action scenes, he has bent the back. Instead of pretending to be in dual roles, Raviteja did not show any strong and fluent variations between Baldev and Tirupathi. There are no big Mass Maharaj punches although script demanded more of such. Hansika Motwani was glamorously good in a weak and useless character. Regina is wasted abruptly in an illogically etched regular role. Brahmanandam was better in first half providing the laughs. Sapthagiri too did well. Cruelty in Mukesh Rishi, Sampath Rai wasn’t enough to raise the emotion in action. Posani, Kota, Pragathi, Prakashraj, Surekha Vani etc stuck to their portions.

Out of the Movie Power: The big gap taken by Raviteja between ‘Balupu’ and ‘Power’ finds no justification with the result. ‘Power’ is a complete formula movie with a run of the mill story and old pickled screenplay. Being a first timer, one expects a safe film from Bobby but he seems to have become absolutely overcautious which fused off the power. There are unnecessary twists and turns in this lengthy and extensive film. Audiences are exhausted in energy and producer is exhausted in money. 

What was the obligation on Bobby to pen such a lengthy action chase in introduction just to kill Raviteja physically and viewers mentally? Such extraneous and unneeded superfluous scenes which come at frequent intervals should have been safely avoided. Raviteja has nearly dozen introductions while Brahmanandam has a couple. A minimum average film critic would end up comparing Bobby’s style with Meher Ramesh. All such powerless exercises went futile.

Commercially, ‘Power’ might open to good openings. A long run is plainly questionable because of unstoppable Mahesh Babu arriving in next week.

Cinejosh Verdict of Power: Low Power Transformer

                                                         Cinejosh Rating: 2.75 

                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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