Pittagoda Review

Pittagoda Review
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Pittagoda Review, What’s Behind: After ‘Pelli Choopulu,’ there is a sudden ooze of positivity in TFI for small budgeted films made with new faces and young technicians. ‘Pittagoda’ is one such flick backed by Suresh Babu has hit the screens today. Let’s see, how interesting the movie is?

Pittagoda Story: Set in the backdrop of Karimnagar and Godavarikhani areas in Telangana, young guy Tippu (Vishwadev) and his three friends (Jabardasth Raju, Uyyala Jampala Raju, Shiva) with no aim in life spend their time sitting on Pittagoda. Under pressure from parents, they decide to organize a cricket tournament to prove their worth. 

Meanwhile, Tippu falls for Divya (Punarnavi). Here comes a twist. There’s a flashback for Divya which abrupt the tournament leading to separation between friends. How these three friends re-unite and how Tippu succeeds in winning his love is rest.

Pittagoda Artists and Technicians: What should a movie cater? A decent story narration, decently performing artists to keep us engaged. ‘Pittagoda’ is served majorly on realistic emotions in middle class set up within a town culture. Youth can identify their day to day routine with characters and family members in the film which hooks the viewer attention. Debutant director Anudeep weaved the whole concept very crisply and executed the same without crossing the boundaries. There are no extras, everything is kept compact. For a film made on such low scale, camerawork and music have really enhanced the feel. Dinesh Kumar’s camera work is commendable. Music composer Pranam Kamalakar proved yet again on why he is called one of the best in RR. The much needed impact to romantic scenes is added by Kamalakar. Editing is also decent. Production standards from P Ram Mohan are more than enough to have a pleasant watch. 

About artists, Vishwadev and his friends’ batch Jabardasth Raju, Uyyala Jampala Raju and Shiva kept the narration alive with their performances. Punarnavi is a performer. She is perfect in girl next door looks. Her costumes, mannerisms and expressive eyes ring the heart bells for youth. Among the rest, everyone did justice.

Pittagoda Advantages:

Crisp Narration






No Big Casting

Average Writing 

No Laugh Loud Comedy

Weak Climax

Pittagoda Rating Analysis: Away and above eye glittering sets, lavish production costs and massive casting teams; the fundamental aspects which make a film work are story and treatment. Director Anudeep worked far better on these portions than all those flop giving directors dictating the terms. Apparently, audience have been enough intelligent these days to discriminate between a good and bad film deciding the verdict with just morning show. 

Amidst all the mind blocking films released yesterday, ‘Pittagoda’ is really refreshing and very smooth to gulp. Realistic characters, natural treatment and an authentic town backdrop; there’s no high and no low. Film starts and ends without troubling you. Finally, you feel as if I spent really 2 hours painlessly. 

First half has an edge with character introductions dealt humorously. Entry of Punarnavi and Vishwadev’s English problems keep us smiling. Then all four friends preparing to organize a cricket tournament collecting the fee from teams, police permissions are easily connected to current generation youth. Vishwadev’s innocence and scenes in Punarnavi house keep us attached. Interval can’t be called a bang but surely a passage into actual story.

Second half takes off with romantic track going on high. Though the track is plain sailing, RR and camera work decorated a feel. Montage song which comes here is well shot and so is flashback briskly elaborated. Towards pre climax and climax, ‘Pittagoda’ misses its mark with crime episodes ruining overall flavor.

All in all, ‘Pittagoda’ is a better choice for this weekend if you want to spend some pleasant time. It’s simple, crunchy, elementary and importantly painless. CJ goes for 2.75 stars on an encouraging note. Box Office chances depend on how well ‘Pittagoda’ will be promoted by Suresh Babu.

Pittagoda Cinejosh Verdict: Clean and Neat Film.

                                                         Pittagoda Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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