Oosaravelli Movie Review

Oosaravelli Movie Review

Behind the Movie Oosaravelli: Despite a flop ‘Ashok’ in the combination of Surender Reddy and Junior NTR, this film raised many expectations. Devi’s promising music along with gorgeous Tamanna shining bright, let us see…how many colors did ‘Oosaravelli’ change?

In the Movie Oosaravelli: Junior NTR (Tony) and Nihaarika (Tamanna) happen to meet each other in Kashmir in strange circumstances of a kidnap drama. As Tony falls for love at first kiss with Nihaarika, he follows her all the way to Hyderabad only to find that she is engaged to Rakesh (Adhvik Mahajan), son of Minister Bharani (Tanikella) and marriage is on cards. Tony starts to show his Chameleon colors by becoming Nihaarika’s friend adopting different strategies thus succeeding in breaking her marriage with Rakesh. As story proceeds on, Rakesh tries to eliminate Tony with the assistance of Mafia Don Ajju (Prakahsraj)’s brother Irfan. In turn Tony being the hero kills Irfan, Rakesh and his dad but this has a justification hidden behind. Later on when Tony is trying to kill senior Police Officer (Raghu) from Mumbai, Chitra (Payal Ghosh) roommate to Nihaarika happens to see the incident where in flashback behind is narrated. 

The interesting flashback has Nihaarika’s brother (‘Kick’ Shyam) working as an undercover cop to unravel Mafia don Ajju’s activities is killed while Nihaarika struck with a bullet looses her memory. How and why is Tony on a mission for Nihaarika? Did she succeed in taking revenge for her brother’s murder? forms action and drama filled climax.

Values of the Movie Oosaravelli: Sincerely speaking story is king of this flick. Thought a beaten one but Surender Reddy and Vokkantham Vamshi followed a new kind of scripting and innovative path of narration by hiding the actual characterization of hero till the very last hour. Rasool Ellore’s cinematography is top notch helping Surender Reddy to show his signature style of presentation. Dialogues by Koratala Shiva invited claps and whistles very rarely in the hall. Editing by Gowtham Raju is neat. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is soothing in songs as picturization did not elevate them further. Background score was just mediocre. Action compositions by Ram Lakshman are shaking. Production values of SVCC are appreciative.

Performance wise, Junior NTR takes you on a complete surprise by accepting this kind of mysterious and concealed character. It requires enormous guts for a mass hero like Tarak to agree for a role that minuscule him from actual story as Tamanna is the key and soul of entire drama in the movie. She looked gorgeous glam wise and also scored top marks in performance scenes especially few minutes near ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ song. Apparently Tammu is the runner behind entire show and NTR is just a helping weapon in her hand. ‘Kick’ Shyam got a couple of scenes while Prakashraj is at his routine villainy entering late. Comedy episodes between Tarak, Raghu Babu, MS Narayana and ‘Sarkar’ Jaya Prakash Reddy raised laughs. Character of Payal Ghosh has nothing special. Of the remaining Adhvik Mahajan, Tanikella, Raghu got prominence while Ahuti Prasad, Murali Sharma, Duvvasi and others are for name sake.            

Out of the Movie Oosaravelli: Director Surender Reddy when had a regular story with similar shades of ‘Athanokkade,’ intelligently he adopted a new stretch of narration with entertaining first half, a kicking interval block and a twist, mystery revealing second half. If a confident verdict of 100% Paisa Vasool entertainment is passed for first half, there is evidentially a lag in execution of second half that evoked mixed response. Yet, this is something new from NTR and Surender Reddy combo. 

Nevertheless the kind of amusement which Nandamuri Fans expect from NTR is displayed only in glitches. Constraints being inherent placed in characterizations and story line. All in all, ‘Oosaravelli’ is not a bad movie that would disappoint the audience totally. It has positive points in Surender Reddy’s new found master face in dealing the comedy and suspense factors. Junior NTR is although showing novelty in selection of subjects like ‘Bridnavanam,’ he should further get deeper to overcome the loopholes found in ‘Oosaravelli.’

Box Office wise, ‘Oosaravelli’ range may not be comparable with ‘Dookudu.’ The strong first half is an absolute advantage. How audience are to receive the second half will determine the actual gamut of ‘Oosaravelli.’ Definitely worth a one time watch.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Oosaravelli: Colorful First Half – Discolored Second Half.         

                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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